WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

You’ve just hit 500 unread e-mails in your mailbox, midterms have snuck up on you and internship season has just commenced. Let’s face it, what to wear is the last thing on your mind. However, amongst those e-mails are notes from important people at important places who all want to meet you. In this case, every Fashionista (and Fashionisto) must ask themselves, “How can I dress to impress?”

Business attire can be very complicated because generally the conservative nature that comes with the working world isn’t what we would wear daily. It’s always important to wear conservative clothing so that you don’t get caught showing any skin you shouldn’t be. Although that may sound like a drag, there are ways to make these refined looks go a long way.

As you can see, I put together a simple dress with a basic cardigan, however simple and basic do not mean “blah.” The pattern on my dress is eye-catching but not obnoxious and the details in my sweater break up the color scheme of plain black and white. Black tights have got me covered (literally) and are a perfect bottom layer in wintery commutes. Comfortable ballet flats complete the look, continuing the modest vibe I am going for, and the detail on the front make for the perfect accent.

It is so important to properly accessorize when given such a limited scope of what to wear. A simple watch is the perfect arm candy and a simple silver pendent necklace ties both together. Although my black bag continues my “boring” color pattern, the textures that are introduced make it pop. The distressed leather plays up my personalization of the outfit and the slate-colored chains make the bag fun as well.

Overall, it’s hard to know how to dress properly for an important interview. To make things easier, always keep in mind the virtues of simplicity, comfort and personality. Although I’m only wearing black and white, I chose cuts that flatter and patterns that spoke to me.

One Simple Change: Want to make a day out of the commute made into the city for that meeting? Bring a bag big enough to carry a change of clothes so that you can do an instant 180 (or, in a Starbucks bathroom). Make use out of things you’re already wearing, like the tights, and pair it with a more laid-back dress and some edgy boots.