WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Spring break is here (or around the corner) and Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere are getting ready for some fun in the sun. While some of us are preparing for the beach, others are preparing for their future. For the soon-to-be graduates, interviews are becoming an integral part of their day-to-day lives. What a lot of students don’t realize is that the way you are dressed for an interview can impact your chances of landing a job. This Fashionista is a perfect example of what to wear to an interview.

This Fashionista decided to wear an all-black suit for her interview. The rule for dressing for an interview is that your clothes should fit well but should not fit tight. This Fashionista’s black suit is classic and timeless for an interview. She paired her black blazer and black slacks with a dark blue printed short-sleeve blouse. While many Fashionistas love their six-inch pumps, conventional rules state that women who are dressing for an interview should keep their heel height under two inches. This Fashionista opted to pair her black ensemble with a pair of pointed-toe black flats. She kept her makeup and jewelry minimal to keep a professional appearance. This Fashionista tied her look together with a black leather Michael Kors purse. What is this Fashionista’s greatest accessory? Her resume—bound in a professional resume folder—has this Fashionista fully prepared and ready for her interview.

One Simple Change: For warmer weather, you can switch the pant suit for a long, solid-colored pencil skirt and a matching blouse. Opt for tops that aren’t brightly colored or patterned. You can dress it up with a pair of chunky heeled pumps or nude, pointed toe flats. You will surely be a standout in the room and during your interview.