WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

While attending sports games, attending as many social events as possible and drinking countless cups of coffee are all part of the college experience. The end goal for every college student is the same: graduate and get a job. With this end goal in mind, networking and interviewing are essential parts to landing your dream job one day, and wearing just the right outfit to an interview will help set you apart from every other candidate.

Inspired by Olivia Pope from Scandal, this Fashionista has channeled her inner “gladiator” and is dressed to impress for an interview. A pair of faded, green dress pants that feature a straight-line seam elongate this Fashionista’s legs. A pair of black wedges pair nicely with the pants and are also practical for winter weather. This Fashionista’s pants are from the Scandal line at The Limited, thus, capturing the essence of the Washington D.C. professional look. A fitted, black dress shirt with detail seam work gives this top structure and definition. This detail pairs nicely with the flowing style of the dress pants. A black cardigan paired with this outfit adds a layer of warmth and flare that contrast with the simple cuts of the shirt and pants.

Statement jewelry pieces add shimmer and personality to this Fashionista’s look. Statement jewelry that complements the outfit is a great way to wear something bold to an interview that is memorable without being too flamboyant. This Fashionista’s necklace and bracelet feature a modern twist on the classic pearl look. Clusters of pearls adorn this Fashionista’s jewelry rather than a set of straight-line pearls. Of course, being on time is essential when it comes to interviewing, so a stylish Fossil watch is both functional and fashionable.

While this Fashionista may not be running around Washington D.C. solving crimes, she is dressed for any professional situation that she may be going to. From informational networking to interviewing, this business casual look captures the essence of a business professional in their day-to-day work life. Remember, when it comes to choosing outfits for interviews, keep it classy and simple, but do not be afraid to add a hint of your own style with the accessories.

One Simple Change: Did your interview go so well that you are ready to go out on the town with friends for the evening? Swap out the dress pants for a pair of distressed skinny jeans and leave the cardigan at home to highlight the zipper detail on the back of the shirt. Cuff the jeans to show off the cute wedges for a funky, yet fun, night out look.