WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Career fairs are the best opportunities to meet a wide range of possible employers in one place. It goes without saying that a student should dress to impress, but how can one easily do so with classes all day and no time for a wardrobe change? A textured blazer and monochromatic outfit do just the trick.

The best way to turn your usual outfit into business casual is to put a limit on the colors you wear. Based on the employer you may be interested in, the dress code in the office may not be as flexible as your summer internship, so the safest option is black. This Fashionista layered a black blazer with leather details on the bottom and the sleeves over a gray jersey knit dress. This combination is the perfect blend of casual and dressy. To keep her dress from dragging on the snow covered ground she tied a knot at the hem. It gives the dress an interesting shape, being daring enough for the fair and class.

Accessories can also influence the outfit’s professionalism. Once again, black is the safest option, and this Fashionista nailed it with her purse and boots. The purse is a sleek shape and texture, which is great to bring from a lecture to the office. The handle options give the wearer versatility especially when dealing with a large carrying load. Her slip-on booties have just enough heel and platform to make the look edgy yet put together. The soles are grooved, providing a grip ideal for treks through the snow. Her other accessories, such as the sunglasses and rings, give a cool factor but are minimal enough to not distract from her career ready look.

To master a style for both the career fair and the classes you may have that day, keep it simple. Less color does not mean fewer options, so find your shade and stick with it. If you’re in a winter wonderland like this Fashionista, don’t forget that sensible shoes are key to creating a perfect outfit.

One Simple Change: Did your interview lead to an amazing job offer? Go celebrate with friends in a leather jacket.