WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

You have an interview, which is already nerve-wracking enough. But then you start thinking about how to make a good impression. First impressions are always important for an interview. The best first impression starts with how you look. When most people going into a job interview have similar resumes, having a remarkable outfit can make you stand out.

This Fashionisto has a perfect look for an interview at any fashion related business. The look is very trendy and comfortable. This Fashionisto added a tie and a blazer, which made the look professional. His jeans added comfort and a little more personality to the outfit. Jeans are usually considered casual wear, but when they are put together the right way, they can be considered business casual. The business casual trend is one you see more often, even in companies outside of the fashion industry.

This Fashionisto wore button-down and lace-up shoes, which is always a great idea when it comes to an interview. The shoes add to the professionalism of the look and are easy to find even on a budget. Finally, he added to the look by using a watch and a good haircut. A watch is always a good option because it is simple and versatile. You can use a watch in numerous occasions, which makes buying a good one a smart investment. A fresh haircut can be the extra touch that completes the look.

One Simple Change: You did so well on the interview, they offer you the job on the spot. So you decide to go out for drinks and celebrate with friends. Remove the tie and make the look more casual—it’s the perfect look for a celebration with friends.