WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

You want to look your best, but sometimes it can be hard to dress business professional while still showing off your own personality. Dressing business professional is something that is very important because businesses can judge you based on your appearance.

Here, this Fashionista has made a business professional outfit with her own touch of flare. Starting with the basics of cropped black dress pants and a white button-down shirt gives a base to work off of and adds personal touches.

Since it’s still a little chilly here in Ohio, this Fashionista is wearing nude suede heels; the heel is not too high, making it appropriate for a business professional dress code.

Another winter accessory that adds a touch of your own personality is a fun, patterned jacket. Since the jacket is tailored, it gives it a more dressed up look and keeps the outfit professional.

When dressing up for interviews, start with the basics, like a good pair of pants and a couple of nice blouses. Then you are free to mix and match however you want. You can even change it up and have patterned pants and a simple blouse.

The jacket, shoes and accessories are what can make the outfit you. A tailored jacket, a nice pair of heels (that are not too high) and simple accessories, like a watch or a necklace, provide the outfit with some personality and individuality.

One Simple Change: Once the weather starts to get warmer, ditch the jacket for a light cardigan to adjust to the changing temperatures.