WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

So you are having trouble picking the best business attire for your job or internship interview? And you want to look professional, as well as fashionable? First impressions at a job are highly important because this is where your interviewer sees your true colors in the workplace. Your smile and great personality only get your two-thirds of the way, so you want to dress to impress your boss. Wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in or that could be over-the-top could be disastrous, because you may be either overly dressed or underdressed. How do you stand out, but still stand in?

Our Fashionista rocks the best interview look that will make her stand out, but still look professional all at the same time. Sticking to the trend of all-black, this Fashionista paired her favorite black leggings, with pleather pockets, with her diagonal line black top. To finish the look she put on a pair of black knee-high boots that make her look fun and still professional. She’s comfortable wearing boots that are one inch high. The backs of the boots add to the fun and fashionable side of this interesting Fashionista.

What drew me to this Fashionista was her white blazer that stops at her waist. Many Fashionistas/os know when wearing all black, adding a white jacket will slim one down as well as add to your look. This Fashionista did more than slim herself, but the detailing on the blazer brings you into her. This aspects helps a boss remember you. It’s adding the cherry on top.

If you have a big interview up ahead, follow this Fashionista and you will sure be a memorable potential employee for you favorite company.

One Simple Change: Your interview was in the morning and you still have errands to do? Or maybe class to attend? Here are two suggestions to become comfy for errands or a day of class: change your blazer to a fall/winter cardigan or change your leggings to a nice pair of dark-wash high-waist jeans. Of course you can a scarf to the look as well.