WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Spring semester is my favorite time of year. New opportunities are in the air, and summer is so close you can feel it. With these new opportunities comes the time to start the interview process with future employers. Whether you’re graduating and interviewing for your first job or you’re aiming for your dream summer internship as an undergrad, an interview is sure to come your way at some point in your college career. Your stellar grades and charisma will take you far, but your outfit is a key component to the first impression you leave on a potential employer. You’ll want your outfit to make a statement about your individuality but remain professional enough for the workforce. Finding the right balance can be a little stressful at first, but if you follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista, your biggest worry will be which internship offer to accept first!

This Fashionista knows how to dress to impress. The conservative fit and color of her skirt and blazer keep the look extremely professional and tailored. Keeping the larger portion of her outfit to a darker color palette, she is able to show her personality through subtle details like the fun polka-dots on her classic pencil skirt.

Now, let’s transition to the color in this professional ensemble. Yes, you can wear color to an interview! This Fashionista shows that a little color can go a long way. Her coral dress shirt and printed scarf are just bold enough to add a little individuality to her look without taking attention away from her face during the interview.

My favorite part of the look by far is the shoes. I mean, did you see those fabulous shoes? Oxfords are extremely classic and polished, and this heeled version is no different! The shorter length of the heel is perfect for an interview and comfortable enough to travel to more than one interview in a day! After all, if you’re dressed as professionally- chic as this Fashionista, you’ll have multitudes of interviews coming your way!

One Simple Change: If the dress code for your interview is a little more casual, simply exchange the pencil skirt for a dark pair of skinny jeans. The look will remain polished with a trendy and comfortable vibe.