WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

For most of us, college is when we take on the real world and go after the job of our dreams. Going on a job interview can be overwhelming but exciting at the same time. This could be a life-changing moment and officially the start of us entering the “real world.” First impressions are everything, so you have to make sure you are dressed to the nines. I work for Career Services at my university, so I know the importance of making sure you dress for the job you want.

This week’s Fashionisto shows us how to be interview-ready and incorporate your own personal style into the look. Most of the time, guys feel that a black suit and white shirt are the only options for interviews. However, it is possible to incorporate your own personal flair into your look. This Fashionisto lets his personal style shine through with his use of accessories and color. To start off, he paired his black blazer with a pair of maroon slacks. On his blazer, he incorporated his fraternity’s pin for a personal touch. Also, his black belt offers a nice contrast against his slacks.

Ties can make your outfit stand out. Go for a tie that will contrast with your dress shirt. This Fashionisto went for a red-striped tie against his black button-down shirt, with the silver tie clip giving his look a nice touch. When it comes to shoes, our Fashionisto chose a pair of black chukka boots paired with grey patterned socks. To top of his look, he chose a personalized briefcase. My final tip to you guys is always to dress for success.

One Simple Change: You too can transform this interview look into something more casual, such as for a lunch date. You can simply change this look by getting rid of the blazer and tie, then loosen a few buttons on the shirt for a relaxed look.