WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

It doesn’t matter where you are in your collegiate career; interview how-tos probably dominate your search history right now. Whether you need that retail job to help fund your latest obsession, you want to score the internship of your dreams while still making a killer first impression at an upcoming conference. After all, what you wear has a lot to say about you. I would never dare to challenge the corporate standard of a charcoal gray suit, but if you’re looking to make your mark in a more creative industry such as advertising, design, fashion and so forth, then you have some room to let your personality shine through. Every day when you get dressed is a new moment to define and show who you are. Let your interview outfit say something honest about you.

As if Clueless was brought straight into the 21st century, this Fashionista here is definitely making a statement with an outfit that is preppy in all the right ways. She’s built a fabulous foundation for her outfit with a kate spade classic black bag, black tights and black pumps. If you have a solid base to work with, then this will gives you some room to branch out and have more fun with your top or full pieces. Taking inspiration from this Fashionista, a pussybow blouse shouts feminine giving you a chance to have some fun with your outfit while adding a natural fabric jacket that pulls the entire look together.

The most important thing to remember as a college Fashionista/o who’s trying to land the perfect interview outfit is that you can always find pieces to fit your budget. A professional wardrobe is meant to last and you’ll need to start investing in quality pieces, but while you’re still saving up keep an eye out for deals on pieces you need. 

One Simple Change: Just finished with the interview and want to hit the town to celebrate? It doesn’t take much to take this look from professional to fun. With cold weather approaching it makes sense to keep the tights, but trade the jacket for a black moto jacket and you’ll create a look that says you’re edgy, feminine and ready to paint the town red.