WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

September 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

This event can be downright terrifying to some people, but can also provide incredible future opportunities; that’s right, interviews. Yes, as college students we need to try and focus on the main goal, which is landing our dream job. Although most students are not going for interviews until their senior year, work-study jobs around campus also call for interviews. Work-study interviews are not as formal as a regular job interviews, but we all still need to dress the part.

There are many different “business casual” outfits that can be constructed to make the perfect work-study interview outfit. A cute dress, a flowy pencil skirt, a pretty blouse, the list goes on. Today’s Fashionista decided to take the dress approach for her work-study interview. She wore a flowy patterned dress, which is perfect for the hot September weather. The capped sleeves and belt allow for a more conservative look. The pattern of the dress allows for this Fashionista to stand out in her interview without posing as a distraction.

My Fashionista paired her dress with brown and gold sandals, which add some shine to the look. She also wore a chunky, jeweled watch that really helps tie the entire look together. A watch is a perfect statement piece for an interview because it is classic, as well as professional. Jewelry for interviews can sometimes be a little difficult, but adding a nice watch to any interview look is a great decision.

One Simple Change: Do you like this look, but maybe not for an interview? Add a jean jacket to the look, as well as a pair of brown booties instead of the sandals. This creates a great back to school look for the fall season. It also gives the dress a more casual vibe for class.