WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Ah interviews, is there anything that we dread more? Despite their reputation, interviews can be easily managed with the right amount of preparation. Simple things such as educating yourself about the company that you’re applying for and learning the name of the person you’ll be interviewing with can put you miles ahead of other contenders. One thing that is often studied with the upmost detail when it comes to interviews is not always your resume; rather it is the manner in which you are dressed. Your outward appearance is an employer’s first impression of your professionalism, character and ability to fit into the organization. That being said, it’s best to make a great first impression with the outfit you choose!

This Fashionista is dressed for success. She chose to take a young approach on a classic career look. She pairs a streamlined blazer with a sleeveless top and midi skirt. This Fashionista looks smart in all the right ways. The midi skirt is a great length for interviews in that it avoids showing too much leg. The color palette she chose to work with verges on brilliance. She stands out with the pop of yellow featured in her skirt, and subdues the look with monochromatic shades of blue on top. She also sports a gold wristwatch—a great jewelry option for interviews. She completes her look with nude high heels, a pearl statement necklace and a ponytail. This Fashionista will surely be getting good news soon because this outfit shouts, “you’re hired!”

One Simple Change: Have an early morning interview that happens to lead right into that brunch you’ve had planned for weeks? Take the professionalism down a notch by ditching your blazer after the interview. Instead, opt for a denim jacket. Switch out your high heels for a more comfortable footwear option—flats. Now you’re ready to enjoy a celebratory brunch!