WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

I feel like the main point of fashion is thrown out the door when it comes to interviews. I mean, how are you supposed to impress your potential boss when you’re wearing some torn up jeans or a dress with cutouts? You can’t because that is completely inappropriate. The last few weeks on that awkward machine at the gym where you open and close your thighs is useless since you’ll need to cover up soon.

If this Fashionista took a course on how to look classy, she would pass with flying colors. Look at how appropriately lengthy her skirt is! And that top looks like she spent more than $10 dollars on it. Her shoes don’t add or take away from the outfit, because it is safer to go bland than bold for an interview.

Every business major has his or her go-to outfit that makes them the perfect amount of classy and confident. For this Fashionista, she was right to pick out a skirt instead of the straight black pants because she has the calves to pull it off. It hugs her hips to intentionally frame her body while not sticking to her like glue. It reaches just above the knee, which is one of the main rules of dressing in a professional manner. Her plain black top has a perfect amount of detailing to not take away from the stripes of her skirt. It has thicker straps, which make it an acceptable choice for a hot day. A pair of plain flats or short pumps is a must. No one has ever impressed the CEO of a company by slipping on some lace and rhinestones. Also, make sure to not show too many toes and to cover up most of your foot instead. Her black purse is an acceptable size. Your bag should only fit the necessities, plus a small pad of paper to take notes on.

If I could give a single tip to someone striving for a successful interview, it is to dress for your body type. If you are on the bigger side, make sure everything fits and doesn’t catch you in all the wrong places. If you happen to be more petite, get your dress taken in a few inches so it doesn’t hang on you. Personally, my athletic career has graced me with a broader back and bigger hips. My go-to outfit includes a lengthy black skirt and a red blouse that covers most of my chest.

One Simple Change: If this lovely lady wanted to go celebrate her new job after her interview, because her outfit alone was what obviously sealed the deal, there are a few easy changes to make. Putting on a pair of light blue skinny jeans and some higher wedges will prepare her for a great night out on the town.