WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Although I wish I could be a carefree freshman for the rest of my life, reality is starting to set in as this summer comes to an end. In just a couple short weeks, I will be starting my junior year of college, which is so exciting yet so scary! The real word is creeping up on all of us college students. The question, “What am I going to do with my life?” seems to constantly cross my mind as I realize that this is prime time to start applying for internships. As we all know, you can’t get your dream internship until you survive those nerve-wracking interviews. It is something none of us look forward to, but unfortunately, we have to do it. Nothing shows that you’re ready to rock an interview like dressing your best. Most people assume that when you dress for an interview you have to wear something simple such as a dress shirt and dress pants. Why not turn that simple outfit into something a little more fun? Feeling good about your outfit is a great way to boost your confidence.

This Fashionista put together a lively yet professional look for her upcoming interview. She is sporting a black blazer from Forever 21, a black button-down blouse from Express and black and white pattern dress slacks from H&M. A blazer is my go-to article of clothing when it comes to interviews. Blazers are classy, come in a large variety of colors and always look nice over any top. They are easy to pair with anything, especially a neutral colored one such as black. Her bottoms are my favorite part of this outfit! Never be afraid to play around with patterns, as they make such a great statement, especially at an interview. These slacks liven up her outfit so much and will catch anyone’s attention the minute she walks through the door. How could the interviewer not remember her after this?

This Fashionista decided to accessorize her outfit with some heels, jewelry and a purse. She is rocking a black Michael Kors cross-body bag, a black and gold layered statement necklace and some black heels that match her outfit perfectly. Her accessories are simple and not overbearing. A cross-body bag is always a great idea because they are the perfect size to hold all of your basic necessities. To finish off this outfit, she put on some bold lipstick, which gives this look an overall mature feel. Now she is ready to ace that interview!

One Simple Change: Once that interview is over, take off the blazer, put on some wedges and you’re all set for a girl’s night out!