WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

I know that summer is all about living it up and not having a care in the world, but there comes a time in every Fashionista/o’s life where he/she will need a little extra cash to fund summer habits. Sadly, nothing that is any fun to do or have is free. It is essential for us all to have some type of summer job to keep cash in our pockets and our minds focused for the future. In addition to this, the start of the next semester is right around the corner and we will all need money for our books and supplies. This Fashionista knows exactly what I’m talking about, and she is ready to go into her job interview in style and come out fashionably employed.

This Fashionista is dressed from head to toe in black. Apparently, this job has a formal dress code, but she’s not worried because she is dressed for success. Her black and white strapless floral dress is perfect for this occasion. Floral print is all the rage for the summer and this Fashionista wasn’t afraid to let her knowledge of the latest trends reflect in her outfit. Her black bolero sweater is a great addition because it provides the perfect coverage for a work environment and it also helps keep her warm just in case the air conditioning in the building is set a little too high. This Fashionista polishes off her look with a classic pair of ballet flats.The flats make her outfit look more professional and classy. This Fashionista will nail her interview for sure!

One Simple Change: So you just nailed your interview and you want to celebrate with your friends? Whether you decide to go to the movies or hit the nearest night club, try switching from a black and white floral tube top dress to a solid red tube top dress for a bolder and party ready look.