WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Summer is sadly coming to an end. Classes will start in a couple of weeks and reality will slowly start to sink in. Some of you Fashionistas will be having interviews for a new job or for a fall internship and you might be wondering what you should wear. Well think no more! While most people go dressed to interviews in boring business attire, this Fashionista shows us how stylish you can really be. She gives us a perfect example of how you can  show off a bit of your personality and  manage your professionalism at the same time.

First off let’s talk about this skirt! It’s gorgeous! You can never go wrong with wearing a pencil skirt to an interview, a pencil skirt at a modest length that is. Wearing prints to an interview is totally fine, as long as they are not overdone. Overdoing your prints in your outfit will take the attention away from you and shift it over to your outfit, which in this case might not be the best thing since you’re trying to get your interviewer to see all of the amazing qualities and skills you have to offer them.

Because pencil skirts have a tighter fit, you should go for a top that is a bit flowy on top to add balance and harmony to your look. The snakeskin print on this Fashionista’s heels complements her skirt and gives it that extra pop! Most people keep jewelry to a minimal when they have an interview, but you can add your favorite watch and/or a cute bracelet.

The most important thing to remember when prepping your outfit for your interview is to pick something that you feel confident in. Don’t feel like you can’t show off your personality in your business attire. If you feel good about what you’re wearing, that confidence will exude across. Once that confidence is shown, you’re sure to land that amazing job or internship that you’ve been dreaming of!

One Simple Change: Headed to brunch with the girls after your interview? Switch out the pumps for a pair of booties and throw on a leather jacket for a more casual look.