WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Everyone at one point has gotten the dreaded invitation to attend a business casual event. Even the words ”business casual” can send any Fashionista or Fashionisto into a tailspin. Since a business casual attire can range anywhere from a polo and dress pants to a button-down and jeans, like our Fashionisto is modeling here. The opportunities are endless, which can often be a more of a blessing and a curse when trying to find something to wear. You want something that is socially acceptable for the event you are attending, but still want to showcase you own personality through the clothing you are wearing.

This Fashionisto exhibits not only his own personal style through the outfit he is wearing, but also conveys a modern approach to the business casual outfit requirements. By wearing dark jeans and a black button-down it gives the appeal of a laid back yet professional appearance. This is perfect to wear around the office on casual Fridays. This Fashionisto also let his own eclectic style shine through. His bright purple tie brings a pop of color to the dark colors of the button-down and jeans. The black tennis shoes with bright green laces are a modern twist with the outfit, giving the professional outfit a more casual feel. The leather bracelet is a subtle hint of minimal jewelry that we do not usually see on college aged Fashionistos. The combination of both traditional and modern clothing pieces help to pull they outfit together, creating a great a funky change onto the traditional business casual requirements.

One Simple Change: Replace the tennis shoes with some black dress shoes to take this classic business ready outfit into the swanky nighttime air. With this one simple change, you can go from filling out paperwork at the office to drinks with friends or having dinner with a potential business partner. The nighttime activities are endless!