WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

This upcoming 2015-16 school year, I will (finally) be a senior at Cleveland State University. During my time here in Cleveland, I have gained a lot of knowledge and even more life lessons. However, life only begins after college, as the adults say. I’ve had only a few interviews at companies so far, but I can’t stop wondering if they would have gone better if I was as well coordinated as the featured Fashionista.

While the Fashionista gracefully accepted my offer of being featured on CollegeFashionista, she jokingly tried to conceal her shoes, calling them ugly. Of course, I disagreed wholeheartedly; I wouldn’t be writing about her otherwise.

The Fashionista is a working professional in Cleveland. She has on the blue/green dress as a beautiful single point item; what, is she going to take advantage of every part of her body to put on the most expensive or flashy piece of clothing she owns? In the middle of the day? On a working day? No.

The color black serves as an outline to her outfit. From the leather bag to her binder—even the plating of her watch—just about every accessory beyond her dress contains black. And black is the perfect color to tie up the outfit nicely because the focal point of her outfit, the dress, has patches of black printed on it! I just love it when everything comes together this nicely.

But, this Fashionista won’t drench absolutely all things besides the dress in black, of course. Her earrings and necklace add some light, displaying shiny texture in the same color as the dress.

As an appointed Style Guru, I would consider being rather judgmental (sometimes in a negative way) to be about my only vice. I thought maybe a black belt over the dress would have been a good touch that this Fashionista lacked. However, as much as I love the belt finish on a dress, the black from the belt would have overlayed the black on the dress. The black would have been connected from her bag to her binder, and the look would have been a mess.

Meeting with this particular Fashionista was a delight because she was an interesting subject to write about and her fashion made me reflect on my own sense and direction.

One Simple Change: Got exciting plans right after work? Maybe bring a more colorful pair of shoes in theme with the dress. Put them on after losing the business bag and binder for a unified dinner date look!