WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

July 13th, 2015 at 12:07pm

Its summertime for college students, and that means putting away the school books and grabbing work clothes instead. Many students work during both school and the summer, such as myself with two part-time jobs and an internship with a pretty cool, fashion-based website, if I say so myself. However, there are students that don’t, and now it’s that time of year for them to find a job. The applications have been sent out and employers have started calling for potential employees to come in to be interviewed. Everything is all set…except for the outfit. It can sometimes be hard finding something that is professional, stylish and weather-appropriate all wrapped up into one outfit. This Fashionista showcases an outfit that can do just that.

This Fashionista is wearing a great blend of style and professionalism with her A-line skirt, crop top and kitten heels. Her textured crop top contributes to the professional side of her outfit with the appropriate neckline and sleeve length. The texture to the crop top added a bit of fun to the outfit. The pleated A-line skirt has a fun pattern to show off this Fashionista’s personal style, but is still at an acceptable length for an interview. Her shoes were simple nude kitten heels made of patent leather. For accessories, this Fashionista went for a nautical theme by wearing an anchor bracelet and necklace. The bracelet even goes as far as to match the skirt’s pattern of navy and white stripes. This outfit practically screams “I’m both professional and fun, I’m perfect for the job!” and the employers would agree!

One Simple Change: After your interview, you and your friends want to go out on the town for a girl’s night out. Switch your kitten heels for daring pumps. These will add a bit more youth and personal style to the outfit.