WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Hello, summer! Sleeping in, lounging around, spending countless hours on Netflix and going to sleep when the sun begins to rise are all a part of summer. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right? Summer lazy day routines are nice and relaxing—there’s no doubt about it. But after a week or two of meaningless time kill, being the top, focused student you are, you can’t help but realize that you could potentially spend the next three months productively building your resume! You decide to apply for various internships and short time job openings. Now the question is, what do you wear to those interviews?

Do not fret if your closet does not necessarily consist of “suit and tie” pieces. Like this Fashionista, try putting together simple clothing items that can be easily scavenged from your closet. This Fashionista paired a loose blue button-down shirt with formfitting slacks that have dainty button detailing near the front pockets. When worn separately, these pieces do not give off formal vibes, but when they are paired together, both fashion items work together to create a business casual outfit that is perfect for any job or internship interview. Do not get too caught up with looking “interview appropriate,” then losing your unique personality and sense of style. Do not be afraid to express your individuality through your choice of accessories, like this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: Although this Fashionista chose to give off chill, Californian vibes by wearing flip flops with her business casual outfit, a pair of nice loafers, heels or flats will better complement the rest of your outfit and bring the look up to the next level.