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WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Here’s the situation: you wake up to a stunning 70 degree day, check your fabulous leather planner and come to remember you have a job interview in only a few short hours! What can you possibly throw together using basic pieces that will help define your character yet appear classy and professional?

This scenario (well, besides the forgetting of the interview…I check my planner religiously) happens to me every single time I go to meet with a potential employer. We all know the agony of trying to decide if a heel is too high, a skirt is too short and so on.

The goal of the interview look is to own it while keeping conservative. This Fashionista takes professional to a whole new level by using prints and textures.

Her blazer (hint: a blazer is a definite do) adds dimension to an otherwise one dimensional look. Oftentimes dressing for an interview can seem mundane, but this Fashionista believes that blazers don’t have to be boring! Your takeaway? Mix it up with texture or a print! Just make sure that the look coincides with the dress code of your potential workplace. This means that if everyone dresses in fun blouses and skinny jeans, prints are okay (just make sure to dress it up seeing as your look will be part of your interviewer’s first impression of you).

Looking to take it down just a notch? If crazy prints aren’t usually your go-to element of audacity, try inverting the look! A classic, tailored jacket pairs wonderfully with a fun blouse. You can use color here too! Don’t be afraid to throw in a dash of color. Just because you won’t be going to the pool due to your new job doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash once in a while!

Accessories count too; let’s not forget! Here, we see a classy black tote and some ultra-chic shades. Mix it up and make it your own. They should want to hire you for you (and your amazing style, obviously).

One Simple Change: Looking to meet a cutie after your interview for dinner? Throw on some heels (or higher heels) and a colorful lipstick! It’s date night all done up!