WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Have you ever scrambled through your wardrobe and thrown your clothes across the room in hopes of finding the right outfit for an interview? Well, look no further Fashionistas, and try this one on for size!

There are a few things I enjoy about this look. For one, it strays away from the typical black or dark colors usually seen in a professional outfit for an interview. The off-white cardigan and fitted, baby blue skirt provide a lightness to both the outfit and the Fashionista’s personality (a key aspect for an interview, which will give off a positive first impression). And don’t just take that advice from me; in a Huffington Post article, “blue conveys tranquility and is associated with trustworthiness, strength and dependability.” So not only is the look a great color scheme for spring and summer (the season for brighter and lighter colors), it is also interview ready!

To finish the outfit, I like that the Fashionista is wearing simple flats and carries a black handbag. Along with the sunglasses for the sunny weather, the outfit is complete. The whole look says, “I can dress well and stylishly, but I want you to know me and not what I am wearing.”

In getting to know the Fashionista, I asked her where she got her clothes. To a bit of surprise, the outfit was a mix of higher-end and lower-end fashion. The cardigan and skirt come from J.Crew, the bag and glasses come from Target and the shoes were bought at Old Navy. I want to give you all this little bit of information because it speaks true to the college life fashionable with a hint of trying to save money. Yes, the higher end has some pretty great choices. But no, not everything we have has to be from a brand that sells to the upper middle class or high-end retail stores.

One Simple Change: To translate this from interview wear to weekend wear, I would lose the button-up shirt and cardigan, replacing it with a fitted, mock neck crop top. The shoes could work, but to spice it up you can change the footwear to a good pair of heels. If necessary, accessorize with either a necklace, bracelet or bangle. Remember to keep the color scheme consistent, as well. So if you’re working with a blue skirt, try a neutral top with some tone of blue jewelry. With that, you’ve gone from an interview to a fashionable weekend out with your friends!