WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Just like many other occasions, choosing the right outfit for an interview can be difficult. It can be hard to find the perfect outfit that’s presentable, approachable and fashionable. Of course, it’s always important to keep in mind what kind of job you’re applying for; a suit and tie might not be absolutely necessary if you aren’t interested in an office based position. You also want to be remembered, so don’t compromise your individuality! Just mix some business into your personal style and you’re set.

This Fashionista kept her look cute, clean and simple! Though I caught her while she was on her way to meet a friend for lunch, I thought her outfit would also be perfect to wear to make a great first impression at an interview! Sticking with classic silhouettes, she paired a sleeveless button-up top with black shorts. Her shorts are a great alternative to pants for a summer interview, as they are an appropriate length and textile. They aren’t too revealing, but are perfect for the warm weather. If the shorts are too casual for your interview, switch them out for a pencil skirt. I liked that the top’s print was a quirky unicorn pattern, as opposed to a more typical polka-dot or stripe. It added a bit of charm and personality to her look in a subtle way, allowing her outfit to maintain a professional element.

She kept her accessories minimal with peach pearl studs and burgundy Mary Jane flats. I liked that her accessories complemented one another and weren’t distracting. The pairing appeared effortless and low maintenance, and they didn’t take away from her outfit either. If you do want to have your accessories be the focal point of your look, try to pick ones that aren’t competing with one another for attention. That way, you can show off your cool style without overwhelming your outfit.

Dress to impress for your big interview and you’ll be confident and ready to take on anything!

One Simple Change: Switch out the Mary Jane flats for some flip flops and you’re ready for a summer barbecue or graduation party!