WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

So you’re trying to impress the interviewer, but you also want to show off your style and be yourself. How do you accomplish both? Just because you’re trying to impress who you hope to be your future boss and look professional, doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon your fashion sense. You don’t want to go wearing a mid-thigh pencil skirt, button-down and blazer, but you know you can’t wear your favorite pair of jeans and your new crop top. So what can you wear to become a more sophisticated you?

This Fashionista pulls off the perfect interview look that’s polished enough to impress the interviewer, while still showing off her edgy side. Her jacket is disguised as a blazer, something that will immediately show off her professional side to the interviewer. Her fuzzy sweater is conservative yet fashionable and creates a playful look worn over her striped dress. Creating layers over a dress, whether it’s a pullover sweater or a cardigan, adds to the outfit without taking away from the dress. A sweater can create a casual or fancy look, making it the perfect accessory for a dress.

Tights are also an important accessory when it comes to dresses, skirts and even shorts, if you’re into that. There is a wide variety of tights ranging from solid tights, to patterned tights, to tights that show a little skin. This Fashionista’s tights and layered necklace gives her outfit a personal touch and reveal her artsy side. The black tights she’s wearing are concealing enough for an interview, but still capture your attention and emphasize her long legs.

Her sophisticated red Tory Burch bag adds a little pop to her otherwise neutrally colored outfit. I can tell that her outfit gives her confidence as she struts down State Street, one of the main streets on campus, ready for whatever questions she’s about to be hit with by the interviewer.

If you ever find yourself unsure of what to wear to for an interview, follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps, and rock your own unique sophisticated look by adding hints of your own style without going all-out conservative.

One Simple Change: Have a lunch date with friends after? Take off the sweater for a more casual look, or take off the tights to completely reveal your beautiful legs.