WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Interviews are both a blessing and a curse. You are one step closer to achieving that dream job, but you are freaking out because you want to dress to impress. Have no fear, because I have just made that process a lot easier thanks to this Fashionista.

First off, blazers are essential to any interview. They show class and dignity, and you can find them in an array of colors and patterns. This Fashionista decided to choose a black blazer for her professional ensemble to soften out her maroon colored pants. Ultimately, this combination paired with a white blouse sets the tone for a chic, simple, professional look. As for the shoes, Fashionistas always wear heels for your interview. Heels show you’re dedicated and confident for this position. Likewise, this Fashionista was thinking the same. To finish off her look, she added a cute pair of black booties. It really is that simple to make your look stand out by adding certain pieces. If you are feeling edgy, add some bold jewelry. This signals that you are willing to show your true self and that is the vibe you want to give in an interview.

Remember Fashionista/os, always be confident in yourself and when you are going into that interview, stand tall because you know you got this. When you’re rummaging through your closet to find that perfect outfit, take a step back, relax and think like you already have the job. Therefore, picking out that outfit should be a piece of cake.

Stay bold, stay chic, and most importantly, stay fabulous!