WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

June 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

The search and process of applying to internships is finally over, and you just heard back from an employer. Just as you start feeling relieved and excited to have the opportunity to astonish yourself on an interview, something overpowers your positive emotions. You begin to go into a frenzy and sprint to your closet, questioning what you will wear on your big day. All Fashionistas understand the importance of how crucial it is to make a first impression. You do not want to try to look like someone you are not. Therefore, it is important to maintain a professional and proper look while exhibiting your inner character. Finding the perfect outfit to achieve these two goals can be complex, but don’t panic because you can impress employers with even the simplest outfit. Remember, less is more!

This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies a sleek, sophisticated and appropriate interviewing outfit. She is wearing a flattering monochromatic flare dress and nude pumps. These are perfect because they do not draw too much attention away from the conversation. If she were to wear a neon orange dress or cobalt blue pumps, it could be too distracting. The classic BCBG MAXAZARIA nude pointy toed pumps are a perfect color for the season because they are neutral, and can be worn again with any spring or summer outfit. In addition to this, pointy toed heels are trending this spring.

To complete her look, she decks out in accessories. It is important to remember not to over accessorize for an interview. This Fashionista perfectly follows that rule. She is wearing a gold metal statement necklace embellished with pink floral and clear stones. This in fact adds to her outfit because it allows her to express her vibrant and outgoing personality in a subtle way. This necklace complements her nail polish color. She also matches her necklace with a rose-gold Michael Kors watch and a simple exclusive gold ring from One Twist Co.

One Simple Change: Have brunch plans with a friend after your interview? Swap out those heels with comfortable nude flats.