WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

June 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

As your final days of being a sophomore come to an end you’re now on the search for internships. Most of us are at the age of 20, where acting professional is required. That means ADULTING. Well, to say the least, it may be a scary thing but we’re growing up and it’s a part of life. As for many, including myself, most majors require you to intern and give you endless options. The thought of interning may sound daunting at first, but to me it’s the time to show off who you are! So, I find this a viable opportunity to give business attire a whole new meaning. Not only do you sell yourself, but also the style you bring into the office setting.

Sometimes interviews are the building block for the fashion world, where multiple styles can be discovered. I think interviews are a perfect example for what to wear and what not to wear. Many of us struggle with the idea what to wear on a daily basis nevertheless for an office interview of an internship. That’s where this fellow Fashionista comes into play and she will show you what is appropriate and suitable for an interview.

This Fashionista is all prepped and ready with all the essentials you NEED for an interview. She is ready to take her personal style to a whole new level as well as looking presentable at her finest. First things first, this Fashionista’s cropped denim jacket is white. Also, with the weather getting warmer and summer approaching the use of jacket can be worn all year round. Can I get a yes please! It is simple yet perfect to complete the overall look she’s aiming for.

She kept it classy by not overdoing the bottom by wearing denim jeans. In this case, the brown wedges feature a small pump, which adds to that professional and sophisticated look. The braided detailing of the wedges gives that professional appeal to the outfit featuring the open-toed shoe concept yet is still stylish and comfortable. The black blouse featuring a white geometric design provides that elegant, clean-cut and daytime feel that is enough for an interview.

The unique design of the blouse gives the outfit that monochromatic statement. This Fashionista tucked her blouse in, but you have the option leaving it out or however you may want it. She is wearing a pearl statement necklace with a matching bracelet to finish off the look. Lastly, Michael Kors is always on-trend, so this Fashionista completes her interview look with a MK bag and is now ready for business.

One Simple Change: So you just finished your interview and your ready to go out with a few friends? If you plan on going for a bite to eat or casually to hang out, maybe consider switching your small wedges for some comfy shoes like sandals or flats. Whatever you choose make sure its something you feel comfortable, confident and especially YOU!