WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Nothing can ever prepare you for the beast that is college, especially when it comes to time management. College is such a fast paced environment that it is easy to become lost in the mix. More than likely, you will experience the unfortunate, but inevitable crisis of forgetting you have an interview after your five o’clock class or girl’s night out. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Making the transition from classroom attire to night out glam can be as easy as taking that five hour nap after your three hour chemistry lab!

Every collegiate closet should have versatile pieces that they can be taken from day to night, like the blazer that this Fashionista is modeling so effortlessly. This blazer is perfect to whip out during any interview. It’s not too loud to where it becomes distracting, but subtle enough to show some personality and step away from the go to black blazer.This way, your outfit stands out from the rest while you kill your interview.

One Simple Change: Girl’s night out is the perfect time to let loose and not think about all the deadlines and tests you have to go back to in the morning. So, show it through your outfit and step outside your comfort zone! Instead of wearing your office ready blouse switch it with a racer back crop top to show just enough skin, without giving too much away; with an edgy necklace to add that extra spark. By wearing a white crop top, you also help the textured patterns of your blazer stand out and become a more prominent feature in your look.