WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

October 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

As a college student, there are many things to do during the week, yet alone a day. Just a few exams, a presentation or two, with a side of a five-page paper makes for a perfectly stressful week or day. To make it better, let’s just throw an interview on top of that.

While this may seem like the icing on the cake, interviews are essential for college students. They are practice for future interviews that may just land you the job of your dreams. Interviews can be tough and nerve-wracking, yet with a killer outfit, one can be sure to wow the manager or interviewer.

This Fashionista was enjoying her morning off from class before heading to an interview that afternoon, which she would surely rock just with what she was wearing. The first thing I noticed was her adorable and chic faux suede skirt, which gave her look a ’70s vibe. She also had a detailed white lace top with a white blazer, complete with gold stud detailing on the lapels. To complete her look, she paired her outfit with white flats and a small hanger necklace to bring out the fact that she is a Fashion Merchandising major. Her outfit all together made her look serious, confident and ready to succeed! You want to make sure you and your outfit own the interview; don’t let the interview own you!

One Simple Change: To easily change this outfit from an interview to a casual day of classes or hanging out with friends, you can trade the blazer and lace top for an oversized turtleneck sweater. You can also trade the white flats for booties for a more casual look.