WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

With summer here, everyone is mainly focused on just enjoying every bit of it until the school year approaches. But even though we are not full on adults, we college students have to now be responsible and have internships or jobs. Its part of the growing up process and is required of us for a brighter future. All internships and jobs require an interviewing process to get hired, which brings us to this question, what should one wear to an interview? You have to dress appropriately but not over do it. I found the perfect Fashionista that had a great outfit for an interview.

Her long patterned maxi skirt is keeping her stylish. The color she chose really suits well with her skin tone, and the pattern completely stands out. She paired this look with a black tank top and dark wash jean jacket. She added more to this look with her wedges, bag and sunglasses.

Normally a jean jacket would not necessarily be interview appropriate, but I have noticed with my dress code at work that I am only required to not wear jean pants. Jackets, on the other hand, really do add more to the look and still looks very professional. Even more appropriate could be switching the jean jacket in for a blazer, but it truly does depend on each person’s dress code and what you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for any job fashion related, the jean jacket would work because people in the fashion business have more open minds when it comes to style.

Her simplicity was what made this look stand out to me. What I love about this Fashionista was that she made this look stand out in the simplest way possible. Everything she is wearing goes well together and makes her look amazing! She looks very professional and stylish.

One Simple Change: If you lose the jean jacket, trade the purse in for a clutch and swap the long maxi skirt for a patterned pencil skirt, you have an outfit that can go day to night!