WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Well, hello Fashionisto! It’s always great to see lads on campus in tailored suits, am I right? But, if you’re like me, you may have wondered a time or two why in the world are they dressed up? I’ve never found a reason to ask, until now. So, thank you CollegeFashionista.

The story behind this Fashionisto is pretty simple—he was on his way to a very important interview. So let’s talk about how his suit suits the occasion. Now, note that I said important interview. This Fashionisto explained the interview was quite prestigious and that he had a lot riding on it. His suit gives the impression that he is efficient and a competent worker. His suit is a neutral blue, gray tone, which is an extremely professional color. He targets the blue tones in his suit with a plaid tie that matches his pocket square. This Fashionisto also added a watch with a brown leather strap. This watch has blue detailing, which is very impressive in regards to color coordination. He carried the brown all the way down to his shoes and made sure his socks were a neutral dark brown.

One Simple Change: Instead of an important interview, say you’re trying to find a good outfit for a school presentation. You don’t have to be too dressed up, but at the same time, you have to look business casual. Lose the jacket, the tie and pocket square. With a collared white button-down, nice pants and shoes, you can’t lose.