WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Interviews can be a very stressful time and choosing what to wear for them is never easy. I personally opt for a more relaxed look that makes me feel more comfortable when under the fire of questions. Most people agree that the perfect interview outfit suits your body shape, is smart, not too distracting (a bright, tight red dress may give your interviewer the wrong impression), not too many accessories and obviously something clean, neat and ironed.

If you flick through the many men’s fashion magazines such as GQ they will tell you that investing in a suit is one of the most important decisions a man can make in his wardrobe—a well fitting suit can last for a life time. Although, if you don’t have the cash to splurge on Savile Row many of the high street retailers offer great alternatives.

This Fashionisto has opted for a smart, full gray suit, making him stand out from the crowd of traditional black suits. The suit is originally from Next and has a shiny appearance, making the piece easy to wear and versatile for special occasions. Choosing a more casual shirt from Lyle and Scott subtly changes his appearance to smart-casual without affecting the overall appearance.

You will notice that this Fashionisto has also added a few personal touches to his outfit. Opting for his key lanyard hanging out of his pocket creates a more characteristic style. His belt in particular is something very special. From the ’50s, this amazing vintage belt has been passed down through his family. This is the perfect accessory to add to make an interview outfit stand out and add your own individualistic style.

One Simple Change: Change the vibe of the outfit and opt for a pair of black skinny jeans, making this outfit perfect for a smart night out or taking out that special someone.