WHAT TO WEAR: Internships

Summertime: also known as internship season to college students across the globe. One of the biggest concerns when starting your internship this summer is what to wear. Questions I find fellow classmates and myself asking are: Will I be too over-dressed? What about underdressed? Do I wear heels? What about a tie?

When going anywhere, I find that it’s always better to be overdressed. Being overdressed shows that you took the time to look presentable and leaves a better impression than being underdressed. You may be the odd ball out in the room, but at least you are the best looking and best dressed odd ball out there.

When I am getting dressed to go somewhere, I always like to assess the situation and then get an outfit planned out in my head before I start pulling from my closet. This Fashionista is dressing for her internship at her family’s own start-up company this summer. The team is not extremely large yet, so therefore dress is more business casual.

This Fashionista is doing business casual right. She also puts her own twist on things; rather than reaching for a khaki pant and a collared shirt she sprung for a more chic yet professional look. The high-waisted pants accentuate her waist nicely tied up with a bow. Also, the crochet detail on her white top gives her a more interesting contrast rather than just a plain white dress shirt. She is doing accessories right as well. When it comes to internships I believe less is more. You do not want to put on every bracelet you own and a large statement necklace. That could be very distracting for not only your boss and co-workers, but also for yourself. Her simple pearl necklace pulls the whole look together.

One Simple Change: Has it been a more chilly week? Pop a cardigan or blazer over this look to top it off, and stay warm too!