WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Dressing for work or an internship can be challenging especially when you are coming straight from class. This past semester, I had my first internship that required me to either dress in uniform or business casual. One of the first things I asked when I started my internship what was the dress code for business casual. My advice is to dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

Since this was my first professional internship, I came to the realization that none of the clothes in my wardrobe didn’t fit under the business casual category. Perfecting the business casual look was challenging because I noticed my outfits were either too formal or casual.

During the beginning of my internship, I noticed my intern manager was a fashionista in perfecting the business casual look. Her business casual was usually a simple dress matched with accessories such as scarf or simple sweater paired with ankle boots or low-rise heels. Not only were her outfits trendy but they fit into the college student budget

Her outfit shown in the picture above fits perfect with the indecisive weather North Carolina creates but still is festive for fall and winter season. This Fashionista kept it simple by wearing a classic fashion staple, a black dress from American Apparel and over-the-knee leather boots from Kohl’s. To make the outfit pop, she added a plaid blanket scarf from Old Navy. Blanket scarves are a big trend this season for they can be styled and worn in so many different ways. She is also sporting the popular trend of wearing a choker. The arrowhead choker is from Boho Beads which fits appropriately with her business casual outfit.

As my semester internship comes to an end, I learned business casual isn’t about perfecting the look nor is it that complicated. It is actually simple. What I admire the most about this fashionista is her positive and bright attitude, and how she always tries to find innovative ways of improving and finding herself. I think an important concept to dressing business casual or for work is to stay comfortable but dress to be the best “you” you can be. This Fashionista definitely exemplifies her strive to be her best self not just through her character, but her fashionable style as well.