WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Ahh corporate America. The mecca of structure, order, professional business attire and bland, boring suits. Right? Wrong.

With new societal dynamics coming into play and millennials now dominating the growing work force, the times are a changin’ and so is the idea of appropriate work clothing. Gone are the stuffy shoulder padded blazers and monotone colors that scream “we are all the same”. If you walk into a large organization now-a-days, you’re more likely to see personal style and professional attire fused into one to create a uniquely identifiable representation of a millennial in the workplace.

I caught this fashion closet intern running back to her post after dropping off a delivery in lower Manhattan. It was obvious this Fashionista knew exactly how to mix business with pleasure: pairing a traditionally professional piece with a pop of color that is sure to stand out among her fellow interns.

By taking the ultimate closet staple, a simple white button down, and pairing it with a beautifully colored pair of joggers (similar here), this Fashionista kept it effortlessly cool while still flaunting her personality. Add in a pair of killer heels, and you’re bound to look like the fashion closet might as well be your own.

One Simple Change: A girl in the fashion biz knows work doesn’t end at the strike of 5. Tie the front of the button down to keep it summer cool with a make-shift crop top and dash on over to the hottest after-work special to snap that gram that will grow your brand!