WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

Early in our college years we learn that practice indeed makes perfect which is why summertime can sometimes be considered “funnertime” for most young professionals. Big cities like Los Angeles, New York City or Atlanta become invaded with interns running around, mimicking the professionals that clearly know how to manage the “real” world. If you find yourself interning in a city like Manhattan, hands down it has something to do with either fashion or finance. For the sake of this article, and because you are reading this off of CollegeFashionista, let’s talk about the fashionable side of being a fashion intern.

Living the intern life in any industry can entail some competitive tasks that might help in potentially being offered a full time job. Being ambitious is what life is all about, but sometimes you have to start from the bottom. When you’re at the intern level, you might feel an absence of attention or feel like you don’t have much of an input at work, and all I have to say to that is don’t get stressed, just be well dressed! For any kind of internship, it’s your job to be aware of the dress code and not be afraid to get as creative as possible! Take a look at today’s fashions and use it to express your personality and make a statement.

Walking around New York City, I have found myself drawn more to the impressive street style than to the beautiful monuments this city has to offer. This is simply because everyone in New York City has mastered the whole dress to impress! Take a look at this Fashionista’s internship look! As a fashion PR intern, she has learned to stay on top of the trends and execute a professional, yet fashionable look. This bohemian, girly look is tied all together by her statement piece, the beautiful fringed suede jacket (insert heart eye emojis here)! Even though she takes part of the morning rush hour, she’s not afraid to strut down the streets of Manhattan in her nude booties to complete this fun and flirty look. Last but not least, take a look at her arm and neck candy! Chokers are making a comeback and we know it; I love how simple yet trendy it looks. And finally add some texture to your wardrobe with some beaded jewelry to complete an expressive internship look!

One Simple Change: Can’t get enough fringe during the summer? Take this look and make it a Fall/Winter look by simple changing the black shorts to black jeans and you’ll look fabulous year round.