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WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As a current intern in the Big Apple, I can accurately say that summer weather in the city is in full effect. First impressions matter, and it is important to always walk into work looking crisp and ready for the day. For all of those morning commuters, it gets hard to make it out alive in a pantsuit. So, how does a Fashionista dress with less, but still in business professional attire?

I spotted this Fashionoista leaving her international finance internship in the Rockefeller Center. Although the center is known for its famous Radio City Rockettes, it’s also home to some of the largest investment firms in the world. Basically, business attire is a must. This Fashionista caught my eye because despite the 85 degree weather, she looked like she had just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Her clean and simple look was a great showcase of how to dress for an internship in the summer.

Although form-fitting, her stripped dress has some length and a high neckline, making it conservative enough for an office job. She artfully paired this piece with a navy blazer to make her look more formal friendly. After speaking with this Fashionista more about her summer wardrobe, she gave me some great advice to pass along: “I always make sure to keep at least one pair of nice sneakers at my office. It makes it so much easier to commute and to meet friends for happy hour without the hassle of wearing heels!”

One Simple Change: Need another way to turn this outfit from business to casual? Lose the blazer and swap for a navy bomber jacket. This essential summer piece is both trendy and perfect for a day out for brunch.