WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

During the summer, we all strive to obtain an internship whether it be for school credit, for an experience in the real world in our desired fields or just for fun and to learn something new. Whatever it may be, there is one important factor that is commonly focused on across many internships—the way we dress. Most internships are seen as professional settings, therefore you would wear something more put together and business-like. Depending on the field you are in, you may have the ability to alter this look and express your personality. As college students, we all want to be able to express ourselves in whatever we do, so picking an internship can be very crucial in the decisions we make later on in our professional lives. Some may like the structure of very professional attire, while some others may want to be able to wear casual attire all the time. As an intern, just be aware of what kind of field you are going into and how successful people may dress in that field.

Dressed in a monochromatic scheme, this Fashionista is on her way to her interior design internship. In a design related field, the main focus is creativity. This applies to the work produced and the way you present yourself. Depending on the particular area you are in, there can be some restrictions with how creative you can be. The bottom line is that you still have to be respectful so there may be certain things you would not be able to wear. Fortunately for this Fashionista, she is able to spruce up the business casual look. She decided to go with a monochromatic color scheme, which is always very well put together and classic. The simple black dress was paired with black lace-up flats and a bold, floral bomber jacket. To finish it off, she wanted to be very minimal with the accessories so she threw on her black ribbon choker. This new trend of a ribbon choker has really made a statement in many looks. In my opinion, it adds a sophisticated, clean edge to any outfit.

One Simple Change: You just finished up your day at the internship and you wanted to go out with your friends for a girl’s night out. You can easily just swap out the lace-up flats for a pair of stilettos either in a bold solid color or plain black to keep the same color scheme.