WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Is the hum drum of your work week putting a damper on your wardrobe selections? Look no farther, as this Fashionista will surely put the pep back in your step. The rules of dress code, whether it pertains to your internship or job, can limit a walk-in closet full of clothes to only a few select pieces that are deemed work appropriate. Let’s be honest— when has dressing professionally ever been exciting? I can answer that. Never.

I invite you to bend the rules of professional attire (without getting fired)! This fellow Fashionista transformed her office attire by choosing staples (i.e. blazer, dress) in a fabrication that might be translated as more casual. However, a blazer and a dress, even in denim, proves to be presentable and professional. This Fashionista shows that you don’t have to wait until the weekend to wear your denim!

Simple accessories add a world of pizzazz to this ensemble. Her neck scarf adds a blast of color to this monochromatic look. Black leather high-tops, in exchange for stilettos, will prove to be comfortable enough for the long workday. A matching colored cross-body bag grounds the colors of this look. With the addition of a slinky pendant necklace, this simple yet charming accessory ties together her denim-dazed work “uniform”.

One Simple Change: Drinks and dinner after work and no time to change? Simple! Opt to leave your blazer at the office and change into those flats you stashed in your bag for emergency situations – a.k.a date night!