WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

A summer in the big city—it can be so much fun, but it can also be stressful when putting together an outfit in the working world! Having a fashion internship can mean running all over the city to pick up clothing for the company you are working for. How does one stay trendy while also dressing appropriately for an internship in the fashion world? You must learn the art of balance when putting together an outfit. This Fashionista is prepared to be comfortable doing tasks for her internship all over the city while also keeping true to her own style by adding her personal touches.

So what exactly is business casual? Every internship that uses the “business casual” dress code is going to have a different level of what they find acceptable. This southern belle is rocking a girly red blouse, but she is able to dress it down with her ripped black jeans. The boots add a touch of professionalism while also staying in with the trends. She tucks in the front of the blouse and throws on a fun necklace. This outfit allows her to give off the perfect balance of dressing stylish but also work-acceptable, which is what every girl wants, right?

Find yourself a versatile blouse that can be worn either at work or out on a shopping spree; this will allow you to show off your sense of fashion to all of your co-workers! Pair it with your favorite piece of jewelry, and you are good to go for your work day!

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be switched from day to night! Just pack a black skirt to change into after work, and you are on your way to grab dinner with your girlfriends—simple as that!