WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Whether you are interning for a fashion magazine or an animal hospital, what you wear from day one translates to what you will deliver to the internship. First impressions are everything and your employer believes the same. Maybe you could get some tips to picking out the right outfit from reading this article!

Fortunately every season is a reason for an internship, but summer in particular is a tricky season to dress for. Eighty-five degree weather is the time for shorts, strapless tops, maxi dresses, bralettes, T-shirts and bathing suits—but these are not appropriate for an internship. This does not mean you have to grab a turtleneck, but a blazer or quarter-length-sleeve blouse would be more appropriate.You are able to work hard and still look great while doing so, and this Fashionista successfully dressed the part!

This Fashionista caught my eye because of how professional she looked as well as maintaining her Fashionable status quo. She hit the nail on the head with the knee-length bodycon skirt from H&M. Because the skirt is long enough, running around making coffee breaks or fixing the copy machine isn’t out of the question. She complemented the skirt with a simple black and white horizontal-striped T-shirt. You could snag a T-shirt similar from Forever 21 over to Urban Outfitters. She finished off the look with black booties from Payless to go along with the black and white aesthetic. The shoes are a summer staple because they are open-toed, and they add an extra touch when worn with the right ensemble. The metallic Target tote is a colorful addition, sufficiently stylish and trendy, but lightweight and durable as well. This look is effortless yet ready to conquer the world one internship at a time! The great thing about this it is affordable and easy to recreate!

One Simple Change: Heading out to a Karaoke lounge with friends or a dinner in the city, and have no time to do a 360 wardrobe change? All you need to transform the look from work to play is a leather jacket! The look will then go from sophisticated to edgy and every Fashionista has a leather jacket ready to go!