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WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Ah, summer in New York City! The sights, the smells, the fashion. It hasn’t taken me long to match the quick pace of other morning commuters scurrying to their offices and to get just a little annoyed as I find myself stuck behind another slow-moving tourist (even if I still act like quite the tourist myself.) This aside, the city has been treating me gloriously well thus far. Perhaps most exciting is getting to witness a million different people living a million different lives and wearing a million different outfits. Nothing beats the creativity and utility of street style and no more have I witnessed this than throughout my morning walks down 38th Street.

What to wear to an internship is totally dependent on your particular office culture. Some are all business, some are business casual and some are a little bit of everything—As is the case in my office. There is a lot to consider the first day when arriving as an intern in the city. A young me pictured myself strutting down the avenues in grand stilettos everyday, but that is simply not a pleasant reality for most anyone I know. There is a need to layer for hot walks and cold offices and perhaps even to bring a change of shoes to complete that office-ready outfit. Regardless of your particular setting, getting dressed in the morning for an internship is a delicate balance between preparing for a long day of comfort, while still finding a way to look composed and ready to impress.

This stylish Fashionista’s look blends traditional professionalism with some alternative, trendy flare. The pencil skirt, generally a wardrobe staple, ties the look together and makes her look immediately office-ready to any passerby. However, with an asymmetrical hemline and silver D-ring belt, the tired classic is given a facelift. The shoes, like the skirt, retain a classic shape with a dash of something different. The patterned toe draws the eye, creating added visual interest within the monochromatic set. To round out the look is a cutout, ribbed top. Traditionally, with every pencil skirt and pair of pumps follows a billowy top to offset the tight silhouette. That’s where this Fashionista took a more creative approach. Neither the cutouts nor the tight fit deter from this young intern’s professionalism. The long sleeves and mock turtleneck offset both, ensuring appropriate modesty fused with youthful style.

Don’t get fired from your internship because you didn’t follow a dress code, but take a cue from this Fashionista and realize that professional dress isn’t always written in stone. Old classics can be given new life with slight alterations, and pieces you wear casually can be easily dressed up if paired with the right garments.

One Simple Change: Running some quick errands after work? Bring a cute pair of white sneakers and some loose pair of chino shorts and you’ll be ready to run all over the city looking cute and comfy.