WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

March 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Working at an office can be tedious if it doesn’t have to do with fashion. But you can always add spice to your life at the office with a dash of innovation to your wardrobe. My fabulous co-worker knows how to dress for all types of occasions, especially at the office. I usually catch myself admiring her sophisticated look.  Whether it is jewelry, shoes or a dress, she is always rocking a great look. Every single day she surprises me all over again. This Fashionista knows how to dress for the office using creative colors and textures. I personally admire her style and the way she presents herself. I should definitely follow in her footsteps.

Today was my favorite outfit because she is rocking the modern look of the cape. The cape is great for the office because it can work as the modern blazer. It looks professional and fashionable. Instead of going the basic route, invest in a cape. It can keep you warm in a cold office and receive millions of compliments throughout the day. The Fashionista paired it with black slacks and flats. She made her outfit more classic by adding the long pearl necklace. You can also style it with a tight bun and long earrings instead of the necklace.

One Simple Change: You want to go out on the town with your friends for a girls night out? Switch the slacks for a pair of ripped jeans and add some cute wedges to the mix. Keep the cape because you will be flawless rocking it.