WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring semester is a time where the typical college student either has an internship or decides whether she will spend her summer doing an internship. Or, if you’re a senior like me, you will begin to look for jobs. That means not only interning but interviewing and networking as well. It’s really important to know how to pull together the perfect business casual look.

This Fashionista surely has that down pat. She really embellishes the concept of business casual between the pinstripe button down and the blazer. While some people think that business casual means more business, less casual, this Fashionista proves everyone wrong by rocking black skinny jeggings. Her shoes keep the comfort real as well. Although the black booties have a slight heel, they are just the right size to make her look tall and confident but also allow her get the job done, all qualities future employers will love. Her starfish necklace keeps the summer spirit alive during the cold weather we are having. What I personally love most about this outfit is the way her works in that light pink kate spade purse. I’m a total sucker kate spade. Although with the winter comes dark colors, Kate Spade says it best, “live colorfully,” and that is exactly what this Fashionista is doing.

One Simple Change: After a long week of work, the best way to really wind down is a Friday night out on the town with the girls. Swap out the pinstripe button up with a chic colorful blouse and you’ll be happy hour ready in no time!