WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

January 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s 2016, the holidays are now over and many of us are headed back to campus. The start of a new semester/quarter is here. This means going to class, studying at the library, and for some the beginning of internships. Internships don’t only take place in the summer, some student already have their internship lined up. So what to wear for your upcoming internship? This week’s Fashionista shows us just what to wear.

The Fashionista’s outfit has a pop of color but also wears classic pieces. Her outfit consists of a classic black and white striped shirt. Striped shirts have the ability to give of an air of effortlessness to any outfit. On top of that, she wears a black blazer, which is a must in any college students’ closet. A black blazer instantly makes your outfit more polished and professional looking. Especially now that you are going into the real world, it’s important to have this in your wardrobe. Her pants are a burnt orange tone, one of the colors that were popular this fall. Its color is subtle and not overly bright. For shoes, the Fashionista has on a pair of black booties.

What makes for a great internship outfit? Key pieces like blazers, shoes and trousers. Having adequate fitting pieces are the key to a strong wardrobe foundation. After you have these pieces, you can insert more of your own style and show off your personality through your clothes.

One Simple Change: Headed back to class after your internship? Simply switch out your shoes for a pair of converse and take the blazer off in exchange for a sweater or moto jacket.