WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The semester is ending, which also means your fall internship may be coming to an end as well. As Style Gurus, we love to be remembered, and part of that includes an outstanding outfit to go along with our fabulous personalities and work ethic.

To keep stylish and professional at the same time, while you are killing it at the fashion magazine internship (you thought you’d never get) remember to show you through the clothes. Sure you might’ve been nervous at first, but who’s going to forget the girl who brought the fabulous neon bag on her first day.

Being an intern, you must be prepared to be on your feet a lot. That means throw out the stilettos and say hello to the chunky heeled ankle bootie. These shoes will ensure you will be able to do this day all over again tomorrow without a complaint, while continuing to look #RAD.

After you get to the office on that cool December day, and hide your enormous winter jacket, (that your mom would not let you leave the house without), be sure to rock a long blazer over your ensemble. This jacket adds the perfect professional look that will further your supervisors decision to bring you back next semester.

Now I know you’ve been working hard all semester, and you deserve a night out to celebrate with your girlfriends!

One Simple Change: Take off your blazer and swap it for your favorite leather jacket. This will automatically convert you from the office and into rocking your night away in the city.