WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

If you’re a student in the D.C. area, chances are you have an exciting government internship. Along with the elusive shiny badge complete with your picture and title, comes the burden of internship clothing. Many students, much like this Fashionista have to rush between classes and work. You may want to be casual and cute enough to rush to class but still professional and put together to head straight to the work environment. In Washington D.C. nearly everyone on the street is put together with a bag of work, sensible shoes and a strong coffee in their hand. Dressing up for the workplace while looking stylish and sensible is a hard task to take on, but this Fashionista puts a refreshing twist on her own taste by adding some summer colors with hints of fall attributes.

This Fashionista has a keen eye for an incredible tailored blazer by Necessary Objects. A blazer is a fashion MUST in the world of business and fashion. She layers this blazer with a simple deep green silk tank. The detail on the cuffs of the blazer tie in perfectly with the simplicity of the tank. In appreciation for the warm weather, she pairs the deep fall colors with light pink skinny jeans. To complete this look, this Fashionista adds a pair of distressed leather flats, both sensible and an ode to fall. These flats give the look a polished feel and also creates a sensible option in place of heels.

One Simple Change: To transform this look from business casual to weekend wear, just simply change the denim pants from the tailored light pink skinnies, to ripped light-wash blue boyfriend jeans. This gives the look an entirely new relaxed look while still playing off the structure of the blazer.