WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

For many college students, daily obligations don’t just end with going to class. Our schedules are likely booked with part time jobs and internships to keep us busy during the semester—and such occasions can absolutely affect the fall wardrobe. With schedules so packed, students may not always get the opportunity to change before going into work, so it is important to choose an outfit that is appropriate for both occasions. Dressing up for an interview or internship is a completely different ballgame: the goal is not always to show off the latest trends, but instead dressing professionally while remaining stylish. No matter what field or category your job or internship may fall under, the goal of the outfit remains unchanged—to feel your best and look the part!

When dressing for the workplace, simplicity is key. Often times, less is more, so aim for classic and versatile pieces that will keep you looking sophisticated. Stick with minimal prints and neutrals, but don’t be afraid to incorporate your personal style by adding in a statement piece or pop of color! Sometimes it may be difficult to find work attire that is affordable, but the great thing about investing in a few high quality pieces is that they can be worn in countless different ways and will last for years to come! Effortless, no fail work pieces include a tailored pencil skirt or shift dress, crisp dress shirts, structured tops and a classic pair of flats, oxfords or sensible high heels (be mindful of how much walking or standing will be involved in your workday). One of the most valuable pieces to add to an outfit, however, is a fitted blazer that can turn any look into one that is chic yet professional. Top off the look with a tote bag or briefcase, and you have easily mastered business attire!

One Simple Change: If you are planning on going out with friends or to a meeting for your club or organization, a professional look can always be dressed down by swapping out a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt with a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans. Denim is a quick fix for accidental overdressing, as it makes the look more casual while still remaining polished.