WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The start of classes for many D.C. students means the start of internships. It can be daunting to navigate the city, new offices and dress codes especially in the first sweaty weeks of fall. Perfecting business casual dress codes pose to be particularly hard to gauge, and trying to remain comfortable during humid days while looking professional is a hard act to juggle.

However, this Fashionista nails her office look for her first week of interning. She pairs a classic, figure-flattering silhouette with a fun yet comfortable heel that is perfect for a business casual office. She ditches her strappy summer sandals and traded them for a camel heel. This chunky heel is a must-have for traversing the metro and busy sidewalks.

Finding the perfect dress for an internship can pose as a challenge, seeming as every item features hiked up hemlines or plunging necklines. However, the mall isn’t your only option. This Fashionista managed to score this cute dress at her local thrift store! Even though scouring sale racks and thrift stores can be exhausting, you never know what you might find. For the office, use accessories to express your personality. Again, dressing for an internship is all about a balanced look, so try to avoid pieces that jingle or detract from your overall look. This Fashionista is wearing a charm necklace that is a staple in her wardrobe and goes well with her bracelet.

You can stick to a formal dress code when first starting at a job until you get the handle on the office vibe.This Fashionista used this tip on her first day and slowly became comfortable enough to try out a more relaxed look. Remember to use accessories as a way to add personality to basics without them taking away from the overall look.

One Simple Change: Want to make the most out of work clothes? Try pairing the dress with a casual sandal or stylish sneaker and complete the look with a comfortable cardigan. You’ll be ready for a day full of classes!