WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

September 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

First impressions are extremely important, and making one that lasts (in a good way) is even more important the further into your college career you get. From joining organizations to internship interviews, having some dressier clothing in your wardrobe puts you at quite an advantage. You never know whom you’re going to run into, so it’s important to always put your best outfit forward.

This is precisely why I stopped this Fashionista, who happened to be on her way to a formal event for a business fraternity. I was impressed with her outfit and ability to make her outfit look both cute and professional. I was also impressed with her ability to mix prints and neutrals, yet still looking like a college student. I think it can be difficult for some to dress themselves in a professional looking outfit that doesn’t come across as stiff or too old.

Though this Fashionista matched her jacket to her camisole, the texture on the jacket adds a wow factor that makes the outfit instantly more chic. She paired this with a simple, elegant length skirt. Her shoes and watch tied it all together, her watch being a simple, professional touch and the shoes add more texture to the outfit. This outfit really exemplifies the balance between chic and professional, as well as mature yet age appropriate.

One Simple Change: For an interview, look for more business-like clothing, but don’t be afraid to mix colors, prints or add interesting accessories. Serious and professional don’t necessarily mean boring, and can score you an internship that will put you on the right track for your career!